Business Craftsman Business in Consultancy in Lucknow | Business Counseling by Business Craftsman

business craftsman is working as a business consultant firm and people approaching us at very initially when they think about business. Business Craftsman is a team of experienced professionals from different business format who provide business consultancies. Business Craftsman helps their clients to establish a new business as well as help those who are being with business.

Business Craftsman’s business consultancy services; is in written form, on particular topic, on particular problem, on particular business ideas or concepts. And Business Craftsman uses all business & management tools to prepare the report. In second phase of service; if company X adopts us on having some business problem/solution; suppose they want Brand Promotion? In this concern business Craftsman will make a best

promotional plan with less investment and maximum expose. If company X wants to execute that same promotional plan then business craftsman can also execute promotional activity on the ground.

So business Craftsman not even works on paper but we also work off-paper.

Even Business Craftsman counsels a person and business to correlate both of them. Business Craftsman does it very likely “matching the birth kundli of groom and bride.